Chuck Steak



Chuck steaks are some of the most flavorful steak that you can buy at a reasonable price and they come in all varieties. Chuck steak is cut just above the rib and generally includes part of the beef shoulder as well. While many steak connoisseurs favor rib and loin cuts, chuck steak can deliver a medley of flavors and textures all in one piece of meat. When selecting a proper chuck steak it is important to look closely at the grain of the meat. Copious amounts of muscle in these steaks can cause toughness and may require some extended carving or marinating. Most people marinate chuck steaks before cooking to tenderize it. These are great, flavorful cuts of meat that you can use in dishes like fajitas, stir fry’s and even for grilling when prepared correctly.


Recipe enhancer:

If you are looking for a flavorful cut of beef or steak to add to a new recipe, consider choosing a chuck steak. Carving and then marinating this steak can make it the perfect addition to any steak recipe that contains a sauce such as pasta sauce, stroganoff and minestrone.