Blade Steak



Blade steak is somewhat similar to chuck steak but this cut of meat is cut more directly from the upper shoulder of a Cow. In the middle of a blade steak, you will generally see a line of tissue usually composed of muscle and fat. This tough material found in the middle of a blade steak makes it not the best option for steak lovers, however if prepared correctly you can have an inexpensive and tasty beef steak. Blade steaks are usually the most sought after for braising and grilling.


Beef Stew:

Blade steak works great in a stew that is slow cooked for a number of hours. With a blade steak you can have savory, tender beer by just cutting away the gristle and slow cooking for a few hours, without having to resort to spending money on an expensive cut.

Wine Braised Steak Sandwich:

For an entertaining snack that will surely be a hit at your next party, consider using a few slowly, cooked Blade steaks to make steak sandwiches. Simply carve, season and prepare the steaks as you normally would and drop them into a slow cooker with two cups of red wine, some cloves of garlic and Worcestershire sauce. Slow cook the steak either in an oven on low heat for 2 hours or in a slow cooker for 6-8 hours. The results are amazing, a tasty beef sandwich that will make a great appetizer or snack.