How to Ascertain the Many Chicken Portions at Your Local Butchery

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Usually, when visitors come calling, the hosts often serve some of the best food they have. This includes the choicest portions of meat. The situation is usually the same at parties as well. The hosts might offer a wide range of salads and vegetables. However, the cynosure of the dining table will usually be the non-vegetarian item.

As delicious as meat can be to eat, buying it can be equally intimidating. When you step into the local butchery, the variety of meats on offer could leave you wondering what you wanted to purchase. A large number of people typically purchase raw meat from their local butcher. This could include items like beef, venison, pork etc. Other people might prefer purchasing cured meats or items like a salumi plate. However, many people cannot do without a chicken dish at least for one meal in the day. These individuals believe that chicken is one of the most appetising and healthy meals that a non-vegetarian could possibly have.

Why Do People Enjoy Eating Chicken?

Many people would agree that chicken is not merely a delicious food item. It is also an exceedingly versatile food item. People can cook the chicken in a variety of ways, thereby making it appealing and appetising as well. Eating the same food item on a daily basis might make you tire of that specific item very soon. However, because you can cook chicken in several different ways, the “fatigue factor” seldom sets in.

For example, you could consider combining your chicken with an assortment of herbs and spices. Or, you could even consider roasting it. Some people prefer broiled or grilled chickens, while others prefer poached chickens. Undoubtedly, chicken meat is one of the most versatile of all meats. However, not many people know that chicken is a good source of proteins too.

Getting a Grip on the Several Chicken Portions

However, when it comes to purchasing chickens or cooking them, not many people can claim to know all the portions of chicken. Knowing this could be useful. This is not only the case when you want the free range butcher to chop the portions cleanly. It could also be useful when you dine outside. Alternatively, it could be extremely useful when you’re hosting a party, where the chicken is the main dish on offer.

Several people know that the local butcher would be able to provide fresh or frozen chickens. However, many of them would be unaware that the main portions of chicken include:

  • Chicken Halves: The butcher simply splits the bird from front to back. Most butchers usually do this through the backbone and keel. This yields two halves that have approximately the same weight.
  • The Breast Quarters: These portions comprise all white meat. Here, the meat wholesalers cut the halves further, including the wings.
  • The Split Breast: This portion denotes a breast quarter, where the butcher has removed the wing. In case the butcher removes the wing and the back portions, this portion denotes the split breast without back. You could opt for having the skin and the bone removed from this portion.
  • The Eight-Piece Cut: Here, the butcher cuts the chicken into:
    • Two breast halves with the ribs and the back portions
    • Two wings
    • Two thighs with the back portions and,
    • Two drumsticks
  • The Whole Chicken Wing: this comprises an all-white meat portion that includes the tip, the mid-section and the drumette
  • The Wing Drummettes: This portion denotes the first section between the shoulder and the elbow
  • The Wing Mid-Section with the Tip: This is the flat centre section and the wing tip (or the flipper). If the portion comprises the section between the elbow and the tip, people term it as the wing mid-section (or the mid-joint or wing flat).
  • The Whole Chicken Leg: This represents the drumstick and thigh combination. If the portion does not contain a section of the back, then this portion is the leg quarter. You could opt for having the skin and the bone removed from this portion too.
  • The Thigh: This represents the portion of the leg above the knee joint. You could opt for having the skin and the bone removed from this portion too.
  • The Giblets: This includes parts like the heart, the liver and neck
  • The Drumsticks: These denote the lower portion of the leg quarter – especially the piece between the hock and the knee joint

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