Get the Best Quality Beef from Your Local Butcher

Your local butcher shop would typically store a wide range of meats and meat products. If you’re fond of eating meat, you would probably be visiting a specific shop in the vicinity. To get the best quality meat, you will need to ensure that your make your purchases at a reliable butcher’s shop.

Many people might feel that one type of meat has the same kind of nutrients as another. However, this is not true. Each meat varies in its content of essential minerals, proteins and vitamins. In addition, if you’re among those who purchase organic meat, then you can rest assured that organic meat has a much higher nutrient content than traditional kinds of meat. Therefore, the more organic meat you consume, the healthier you will be.

Beef – One of the Most Popular Kinds of Meat at any Butchery

Around the world, people share a fascination for consuming beef. This is especially so in the Middle East, Brazil, Europe and Australia. Many meat eaters consider it the most versatile meat in the world. However, if you’re not used to purchasing beef regularly, the chances are that you will feel intimidated at the butcher’s store.

Beef typically comes in several different cuts. Each cut comes from a different part of the bovine. As a result, each cut of beef will usually have a different cooking time. Beef cuts usually make for some of the most sumptuous and tasty meals. Therefore, having an idea of the various cuts could be handy, when it comes to purchasing beef.

The Different Cuts of Beef

Butchers would typically classify beef into two sections i.e. the parts that come from the forequarters and those that come from the hindquarters. The forequarter section would comprise parts such as:

  • The front shoulders
  • The leg areas and,
  • The breast areas

These parts are among the most mobile sections of the cow. Therefore, they will contain those cuts of meat that are not very tender.

In contrast, the hindquarters comprise parts including:

  • The back area and,
  • The lower back (or bottom) area

These sections of the cow are not very mobile or active. As a result, the tenderest cuts of meat come from this section. The tenderloin is one of the most popular cuts of beef, primarily because it is extremely tender.

Typically, the most common cuts of beef include:

  • The hind region of the cow, which is semi-tender and ideal for making kebabs
  • The sirloin, which comes from just above the lower back region and is perfect for grilling or broiling
  • The short loin (or the small of the back), from where you get cuts like the tenderloin, fillet and T-bone steaks (this is usually the most expensive cut)
  • The rib
  • The chuck, which comes from the front shoulder area, which is ideal for cooking in a liquid base
  • The brisket (or the breast) that can be quite tough
  • The shank, which can be very chewy and,
  • The flank portion, which covers the front of the abdomen,

Selecting the Best Beef Cuts for Your Requirements

As mentioned before, if you’re not used to purchasing beef regularly, you might feel intimidated at the choice of cuts on offer. Therefore, once you know the cut you want, you can proceed to making your purchase. However, the quality of beef could vary depending on the butcher shop that you frequent. So, ensure that you follow these tips for getting the best value for your money (and your palate). You must:

  • Select cuts that are bright red in colour, with veins of fat (or marbling) running through them
  • Ensure that the fat at the edges of the cut is firm when you touch it and white to ivory in colour
  • Ensure that the cuts are lean and tender at the time of purchase
  • Make sure that the cuts do not smell rancid or bad

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