Free Range Butcher: 8 Interesting Facts about Butcher Shops

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Renowned butcher shops are rather interesting for a number of reasons. Meat lovers visit them on a regular basis, yet they do not think about them a lot. In fact, these free range butcher shops have an amazing history, and are really fascinating. So, want to know what makes your butcher shop so special? Read on, and be amazed by these facts.

  1. Butchery is an ancient art. In fact, they have existed since the earlier Paleolithic times. The first evidence about butchers was found in Holon, an area in southern Israel.
  1. The earliest butchers used stone tools to cut their meats.
  1. Archaeologists unearthed some animals, dating back to 3.4 million years ago, who showed signs of being carefully cut for consumption! That’s right. Your butcher shop is practicing an art that has been around for 3.4 million years.
  1. The first butcher’s guild (like a union) in the entire world was established in 1272 in England.
  1. Butchery is considered a fine art, as a person in the field has to be trained in a number of special methods, including cutting, scalding, packing, preparing and storing the meat.
  1. A trusted free range butcher shop, such as Campisi Butchery, is not only good at cutting and preparing the meat, they are also experts at customer care and satisfaction.
  1. Butchers usually undergo cooking classes to better understand the meat, and the way it has to be cut for different dishes. They are more aware of food than most people in the world.
  1. Are you not sure what kind of meat you should get? Or what meat products would be good for you? You can ask the butcher. You will get meat recommendations, and tips on how to best prepare them.

As a trustworthy free-range butcher, we at Campisi Butchery know exactly how big an impact our job has on people, and that’s why we are so dedicated to this craft. After all, every person deserves to have the best cuts of the finest meat!

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