Meat Wholesalers Basics: What Is Veal?

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Pot roast veal is without a doubt one of the favourite ways of cooking veal for many people around the world. But why not? It’s absolutely delicious! But have you ever wondered how this wonderful meat is produced? Well, here’s a short and fast fact about veal production.


What Is Veal?

Veal is the kind of meat that is taken from a young calf. Though many people may be familiar with this, what they don’t know is that veal is taken from young bull calves, usually raised to about 16 weeks or 18 weeks of age where they should have reached at 450 pounds in weight. Why bull calves, you may wonder? Well, this is mainly because not many farmers see the use of having too many male cows in their farms, as opposed to female cows which can be used for milking. In fact, many of the bull calves are predominantly raised for veal meat, and only some of them are raised to for breeding. In addition, bulls are not really used to produce beef given their tough meat and texture. The bull calves which are born are either sold to private butcher shops or through a sales barn and meat wholesalers and are thus butchered to be sold as veal.


Kinds of Veal

In general, veal can be classified as to how they were grown: there are milk fed veal and grain fed veal. The milk fed veal are those that consume a diet which is balanced to contain all the necessary nutrients and mineral to ensure that the animal reaches the desired weight and is healthy and delicious enough for human consumption. Because of this diet, milk fed veal have a light pink colour and soft texture, as well as a very mild taste.

Grain fed veal on the other hand is solidly pink in colour. As for the taste, it is much beefier than milk fed veal, though it is not as beefy as the actual beef itself. For the first six to eight weeks, these bull calves are fed the same diet as the milk fed veal. However, after this their diet is mixed with corn and protein supplements.


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5 Tips to Keep Your Meat Safe for Cooking

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So, it’s a weekend, or you have a bunch of people coming over. You have decided to make pot roast veal. The dish is absolutely delicious, but unless the meat is perfect, it won’t be as satisfactory.

How can you get the best kind of meat? This is an interesting question. Most of us do not really think about how to store the meat or get the right kind, because we just prefer to load our bags with our favourite cuts and call it a day. However, you should pay a little more attention to what you are picking up from your local butcher shop- follow these tips, and you will definitely be able to identify the change in the flavour.

So, here are some tips on how to purchase the right meat from a free range butcher shop, and prepare it properly, from Campisi Butchery – the best butcher shop in town.


  1. Make sure you are buying the right kind of meat. Different cuts have different flavours, and are meant for different dishes. If you are not sure exactly what kind of meat you should be getting, you can get in touch with the butcher shop, and we will be able to help you out.
  1. Purchase the right amount of meat, so that there is not a lot of it left over once you’re done cooking.
  1. Do not cut the meat before it is time for you to prepare it. It will definitely lose its taste if you cut it beforehand.
  1. Check if the meat is vacuum-packed- if it is, you can let it stay unopened for a long time.
  1. Pay attention to the best before date and storage instructions given by the butcher- these instructions do matter, a lot.


Let us know what other tips do you follow to make sure the meat you purchased is purchased and prepared well?  For highest quality meat products, visit Campisi Butchery and speak to our friendly butcher today.