Campisi Butchery – What Makes This Italian Butchery Outstanding?

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At Campisi Butchery, our passion lies in creating high quality tremendously delicious gourmet meats. From precisely traceable sources to the unmatched craft of our experienced butchers to unparalleled cutting skills, we are proud of our every product. Our unrivalled quality meats and excellent customer services are just a few of the qualities that make us the most sought-after Italian butchery in Sydney.


Campisi Butchery: An Italian butchery for Free range, organic and irresistible meats in Sydney

Each and every cut you’ll find at Campisi Butchery is a work of art – handpicked from the most trusted sources where animals are raised using ethical practices. We enjoy great relations with farmers and producers who know the importance of ethically and sustainably raising animals and how it eventually impacts the final taste and texture of meat. They treat animals with respect and care they deserve and pick the best breeds available in Australia.

By following these practices, we make sure that all the products available in our butchery can be easily traced back to the original source. With our free range and grass fed meats, you can actually experience quality in every bite.


Combining Time Tested, Traditional Cutting Methods with Advanced Technology

We are an experienced gourmet butcher, and one of the few butchers who are still passionate about traditional butchering craft. Using the best breeds is one of the components of this craft.

There are a number of steps involved in our butchering processes to ensure the tenderest, juiciest and tremendously delicious meat to our customers.


Campisi Butchery: The Leading Gourmet Butcher in Sydney

When it comes to meat, most of us know that taste and variety is the key. In addition to a wide range of raw meats, Campisi Butchery is also well known for an array of scrumptious gourmet meats. Created by some of our most experienced butchers in Sydney, our gourmet meats are all you need when you want to add a little more adventure and zing to your life.

We keep rotating these special items so that you can enjoy the freshest, spectacular rare cuts that are difficult to find anywhere else. No wonder we are the best butchery for meat lovers in Sydney. To know more about our offerings, visit Campisi Butchery today!


Benefits of Choosing an Experienced Gourmet Butcher in Sydney

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There are several reasons behind the demise of experienced butchers and meat wholesalers in Sydney. One of the most prominent ones is the lack of training received by young butchers these days. As the most trusted gourmet butcher in Sydney, we at Campisi butchery are proud of our fully trained and qualified butchers who leave no stone unturned to deliver just the highest quality meats to our customers.

As we are one of the oldest and successful butchers operating in Sydney, we make sure that we pass our knowledge to our younger butchers in carefully designed training programs. Butchering is an art that requires a great deal of practice, patience and mentoring for one to become proficient in it. In our training programs, we impart precisely this knowledge to our butchers, so that our customers get the best value for their money.

At Campisi Butchery, our long term clients trust us for our quality meats. We know how to break down the animals so that our customers get the best out of their meat products.


Campisi Butchery: What Makes Us Different? 

Most ordinary meat wholesalers and butchers today do not pay much attention to the cutting and quality of their meats. Corporate companies have big processing units that produce mediocre quality products on an industrial scale. This is also the reason why you don’t see many experienced local butcher shops these days.

Butchers at Campisi Butchery use their skill and in-depth knowledge to offer quality that’s difficult to find anywhere else.

Unmatched Services: Any trusted gourmet butcher knows the importance of delivering reliable services. So, you can expect a personalised shopping experience at well established butcher shops like Campisi Butchery. Passionate butchers just want it to be your best culinary experience ever. To achieve this goal, they can go to any length. They can suggest you less expensive alternatives if you’re short on budget; give you time saving cooking tips and offer you best quality cuts you can find anywhere.

In case, you’ve any question regarding the quality of our meats, product range or source of our meats, feel free to contact our friendly butchers at Campisi Butchery right away.


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3 Reasons to Buy Meat from a Gourmet Butcher

 quality meats


Sydney’s favourite butcher shop for gourmet meats - Campisi butchery, offers a large variety of quality meats that can take your culinary experience to a whole new level. With a solid online presence, Campisi Butchery is probably the most trusted and advanced gourmet butcher of present times. By advanced butcher, we mean state-of-the-art equipment, freshest meats, unparalleled expertise and fully personalised services that Campisi Butchery is known for.

Below are just some of the reasons why Campisi Butchery is so incredibly awesome when it comes to gourmet meats and what makes it a far better option than a buying your meat from a supermarket.


  1. The Freshest Meats: When you visit Campisi butchery, one thing you’ll notice right away is how neatly various types of meats are arranged in separate sections. Feel free to ask about the source of any meat from your friendly butcher. Campisi Butchery is also one of the most trusted meat wholesalers in Sydney. It supplies quality meats to a number of eating establishments throughout Sydney.
    When you choose Campisi Butchery, you can rest assured that you’ll get the freshest gourmet meats because everything is done in-house by highly experienced butchers who are masters of their craft.
  1. Widest Selection: The amazing selection of quality meats offered by Campisi Butchery is something you cannot easily find anywhere else. Be ready to get amazed with a huge variety of cuts on display or choose freshly cut meats. If you love salumi, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Campisi Butchery. You can choose from a number of variations of salumi and other lip-smacking cured meats.
    It takes some real talent and substantial amount of time to produce thin slices of meat for the right taste and texture, and you’ll get just the best at Campisi Butchery.
  1. Experienced, Friendly Butchers: Most of the butchers at Campisi Butchery possess an in-depth knowledge about cooking meat. They’re always happy to share helpful tips with the client on selecting, buying and cooking meat. So, from now on, say goodbye to the dubious recipes available on the Internet. You’ll get expert advice from everyone working at Campisi Butchery. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Campisi Butchery now!


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Great Sausages Make For Perfect Gourmet Meats

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Sausages are formed with solid bodies through various ground forms of meat. These are prepared in a number of ways and can make for some of the best gourmet meats that are worth having. These are also very versatile in terms of the types of ingredients that can be added.


Cut and Sized to Perfection

Typical sausages from an Italian butchery are always carefully shaped and cut. These are made to fit into many sizes that are suitable for all sorts of desires. These often entail cuts that can fit onto a traditional bun although they may also be thick enough to be sliced and served in pasta dishes.


Versatile For All Times of the Day

You can find sausages that are great to have at many times of the day too. Some of these gourmet meats include breakfast sausages that have a slight pork flavor or even a maple accent.


Spices and Herbs Work Too

An Italian butchery can help you with getting some special flavors added into your sausages. These include flavors that come from a number of spices and herbs. Fennel sausage is especially popular as it combines fennel seeds with black pepper, garlic and many other prominent ingredients. This helps you with creating a sweet flavor that is worth trying out.

Smoked paprika can also be added into a sausage recipe to create a chorizo. This is a popular type of sausage in Spanish-speaking countries that offers a good spice that is especially hot but not too intense.


Chicken Can Work

Typically people assume that beef is the key meat used in sausages. But the truth is that all kinds of gourmet meats can be used to make sausages. This is especially the case with chicken. In fact, chicken sausages are very popular for offering lighter flavors that are not too intense.

The great sausages that you can get from an Italian butchery are made to be very enjoyable and detailed. The ingredients that go into such sausages can come from many sources and will add some of the best flavors you could ever get out of a feast.


Meat Wholesalers: Understanding Your Meats

If you’re tired of preparing the same old bland tasting dishes for your loved ones every day, you’ll be glad to know that there are healthier and tastier options too. You might not have given much attention to the quality of meat till now, but you just need to taste a leg of lamb or chicken portions at a trustworthy organic butcher. Trust us; you’ll never buy supermarket meat again.

What’s more, due to the availability of a huge variety of meat products at local meat wholesalers, you can change your meal plans almost every day of the week. Whether you opt for scrumptious chicken portions, a juicy leg of lamb or heavenly steaks at Campisi butchery, you can conveniently substitute any ordinary dish with these healthier and more delicious options. Let’s have a look at some commonly asked questions about various meat products so that you can make a well-informed decision.


Is Eating Red Meat Healthier For You?

Any meat dish, for instance a leg of lamb, can be used to make a sensible and nutritious diet plan. Lamb is a rich source of nutrients and is at par with the lean meat when it comes to nutrition profile. You’ll get less than 175 calories from a 3 ounce of leg of lamb. Moreover, lamb meat contains more amounts of (almost 4 times) omega 3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acids than in other options.


Why Is It Important That Chicken Is Thoroughly Cooked?

Though trusted butchers make sure that they maintain a very high level of hygiene in their premises, raw meat products can still contain harmful bacteria. However, you don’t need to worry. Normal cooking temperature is enough to destroy all the bacteria. All you need to do is follow some good hygiene practices, cook your chicken thoroughly, and you’ll be fine. Another important thing you can do is buy your chicken portions and other meat products from a trusted local butcher such as Campisi Butchery.


Why Should I Buy My Meat From A Local Butcher In Sydney?

When it comes to buying your meat products including, chicken portions and leg of lamb, choosing a local butcher makes a perfect sense.  Since the raw meats are not sourced from any far off destination, they tend to be more fresh, delicious and healthier. Moreover, local meat products are easily traceable and it also boosts the local economy.

Each one of the items available at Campisi Butchery is of top-notch quality, and our raw meats are sourced by keeping our stringent standards in mind. With decades of experience, knowledge and trust, Campisi Butchery is your one-stop butcher shop for all your meat needs. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Campisi Butchery today!

Butcher Sydney: How to Determine the Quality of Meat?

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If you run a restaurant in Sydney, it’s very crucial that you should have some knowledge about choosing the best quality meats. Shopping at a reputable butcher in Sydney is a good starting point. The employees at a trusted butcher shop such as Campisi butchery are adequately educated about the quality of meats and they are always eager to help customers with the best they can.

So what exactly are the quality meats? Let’s find out:

You can get cheap meats at a number of stores these days. However, if you’re a discerning buyer and really like your meat, you have to pay attention to the various processes that suppliers use to procure their meat products. Any trusted butcher in Sydney always believes in selling quality meats because it will get them long-term loyal customers who really understand the quality and can’t compromise on the taste.

There are several factors that determine the quality of meats. Let’s have a look:

  • Where’s the meat from?
  • Is the meat butchered in a correct manner?
  • What is the breed?
  • Do you prefer buying a particular breed because of taste or some other quality?
  • Do you get all this information from the seller?


In this age of marketing, supermarkets do not miss a single chance of making tall claims about the quality of their meats? However, there is no way you can see their items before they arrived in the stores. All you can see is the meat products perfectly lined on their shelves in attractive packaging without having any knowledge about the production methods.

Staff: Do the employees have sufficient Knowledge about the meat products? Are the staff members passionate about their meat and proud of its origin? Do they understand your requirements?

Quality of butcher shop: The butcher shop must be properly managed. Professionals at the shop must maintain high standards of hygiene. Even if the meat is sourced from the best sources, but the condition of shop is not up to the mark, you should think twice before giving business to such a meat shop.

A trustworthy butcher in Sydney such as Campisi Butchery maintains a very high level of cleanliness in their premises. A welcoming, clean and bright butcher shop can certainly help to gain the trust of customers. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Campisi Butchery and taste the best quality meats in Sydney today!



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Satisfy Your Love for Game Meat by Sourcing it from the Local Meat Wholesalers

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Every lover of meat will invariably have sampled the usual varieties of meat. These varieties could typically comprise pork, poultry, beef, mutton, veal and lamb. Finding the freshest cuts of these varieties of meat is hardly a challenge nowadays. Most meat wholesalers in your neighbourhood will not only be able to supply the best cuts of these meats. Some of them will also be able to offer meat products that feature these varieties of meat. However, some people relish game meat. Game meat refers to the meat of animals that people typically hunt and kill in the wild. After killing the animals, the game hunters hang the bodies of these animals. This helps in making the meat more flavoursome.


What Kinds of Game Meat Can You Obtain from Meat Wholesalers in Australia?

Game meat tends to be low in fat and high in flavour. This is why many people prefer making steaks or stews of this meat. For the uninitiated, game meats possess the same nutrients as those found in a boneless, skinless chicken breast. Some of the most commonly sold varieties of game meat include:

  • Venison: This usually denotes meat harvested from a deer. People consume venison in steaks, sausages, tenderloins and ground meats.
  • Large Game: This refers to meat obtained from bison, buffaloes, moose and bears. It is worth mentioning that each animal will have a distinctive flavour profile.
  • Small Game: This typically refers to meat obtained from rabbits, hares, squirrels and even, porcupines. Rabbits and hares taste better with Italian herbs and seasonings.


Campisi’s Continental Butchery – The Leading Organic Butcher in Sydney Where You Can Obtain a Diverse Variety of Meat Products

At Campisi’s Continental Butchery, you will be able to find a comprehensive range of meat products. A family owned and operated business, we sell over 100 different types of high-quality cuts of meat each day. From beef to goat and from pork to veal, we have it all. The quality of our products has made us the meat wholesaler of choice in the vicinity. Our products do not only satisfy the love for meat of the general public. They are in high demand at over 30 local restaurants and delicatessens as well. We specialise in offering traditional Italian and contemporary Australian cuts of meat. But, we stock specialty meat products as well. To know more, call us at (02) 9826 6122.

Dine on Some of the Best Varieties of Meat Obtained from Your Local Gourmet Butcher

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For many people, eating food is an experience worth savouring. In the past, finding exotic or gourmet food products was not easy. So, one usually needed to wait until one’s friends or relatives went overseas and brought back some of these goodies to savour them. These days though, many cities across Australia feature at least one supplier of gourmet food products in a locality. For meat lovers, the local gourmet butcher will usually have in stock a diverse range of gourmet meats. This enables them to satisfy the connoisseur within them, even as they satisfy their pangs of hunger.


What Kinds of Diverse Meat Products Will a Good Gourmet Butcher Typically Stock?

Serving gourmet meat products can enhance the entire dining experience. Some of the different types of gourmet meats that you could prepare include:

  • Prosciutto di San Daniele: This denotes an air-dried and cured ham that comes from the northern Italian town of San Daniele. People rub these hams repeatedly with sea salt. Then, they wash and massages these hams to give them their distinctive taste. Lastly, they rub the hams with a mixture of flour, lard, salt and pepper, before air-drying them. This ham has a superlative flavour, with minimal levels of fat.
  • Wagyu Beef: Many chefs consider Wagyu beef as the best beef. This beef is high in omega-three and omega-six fatty acids. It is tender, finely marbled and juicy.
  • Kobe Beef: This denotes beef obtained from the Tajima-ushi breed of cattle in Japan. This beef typically features a specific marbling ratio. It has an exceptional flavour and is very tender.


Get the Best Quality Meat from Your Local Butcher in Sydney

Whether you need cuts of beef or pork, Campisi’s Continental Butchery is the place to shop. A family owned and operated business, we’re one of the leading gourmet butchers in the area. We offer a comprehensive range of traditional Italian and contemporary Australians cuts of meat. From pork to veal and from goat to poultry, we stock all kinds of meat. With us, you can expect to receive the freshest meat at the best rates. And, if you have a taste for specialty meat, we can supply that as well. Some of the most popular varieties of specialty meat that we supply includes venison, kangaroo, crocodile and wild boar. To see what’s in stock currently, call us at (02) 9826 6122.



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Gourmet Meats: Pancetta

Pancetta - Gourmet Meats


Everybody loves the taste of crispy fried bacon early in the morning, and many households will usually have a pound (or more) of this in their fridge as it is often a staple part of their breakfast table. If you love bacon, then you may want to consider trying out its cousin—the pancetta—which you will usually find in the gourmet meats section of your butcher shop or meat wholesalers store.


What is Pancetta?

Pancetta is what some people would refer to as Italian bacon. It is a cut from the pork belly and cured, in as much as the same way as regular bacon, though there are differences of course which we’ll get into later on.

As for the taste profile, pancetta has a pronounced salty flavour enhanced by the addition of pepper and other spices. This makes it suitable for use in a variety of recipes. It can be used for pasta sauces or added with sautéed vegetables. In fact, it can be used in any other dish as a substitute for bacon. Just a reminder though, pancetta tends to be more salty than the regular bacon, so you may want to take a nibble first to determine if it’s too salty for your taste.


Bacon vs. Pancetta

As was mentioned, bacon and pancetta have similarities and differences. The similarity is that they both come from the same part of the pig, which is the pork belly. They are also similar in the sense that one can be interchanged with the other in some recipes.

The difference then lies in the preparation and curing process. In the case of bacon, the pork belly is brined and then smoked. Pancetta on the other hand is prepared by liberally rubbing it with salt and pepper and other spices, rolled and tied with a twine and wrapped in a casing to hold the shape. This is why most of the pancetta you’ll see in the market are rolled into a cylindrical shape. Pancetta is cured, but unlike bacon, it isn’t smoked.


Cooking Ideas

Pancetta can be cooked and prepared just as you would bacon. You can have a thick slab of pancetta and throw it into the pan and fry it up for your breakfast. You can also chop them up into cubes or smaller bits and add them to your pasta sauce. You can even wrap them around shrimp or asparagus and then grill the whole thing for a tasty treat. You can also cut pancetta thinly and use them for sandwiches. So if you’re still wondering what to do with your pancetta, just think about how you would normally cook bacon and you’re good to go.

If you would like to buy pancetta or other types of gourmet meats, please feel free to get in touch with us at (02) 9826 6122. You can also leave a message in our contact page.



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Tips for Quality Meats: Buying, Storing and Thawing Lamb Meat

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Lamb is without a doubt one of the most delicious kinds of meat available from any butcher shop. In order to really enjoy its taste though, you’ll want to make sure that you handle lamb meat properly. Here is a short guide to help you buy, store and even thaw lamb meat so that it retains its flavour and quality.


Buying Lamb

Finding and buying lamb meat is not really difficult as they are mostly readily available in many major grocery stores and gourmet butcher shops. If you are planning to buy some lamb meat, you’ll want to consider buying them from a local butcher shop though. This is because for the most part, the meat that they serve are freshly butchered and cut, unlike those in the grocery stores where the meat has usually been frozen in their freezers for several days.

Besides, your local butcher shop will be able to help you find the best quality lamb meat that you want. In any case, you’ll want to look for lamb meat that has a soft pink to red colour with white marbling.


Storing Lamb

After you’re done shopping, you may or may not feel like cooking it right away. If you need to store your lamb meat, you will need to put it in the refrigerator or the freezer. Although there are no steadfast numbers, it is recommended that you store lamb in refrigerators with temperatures at or below forty degrees. Ground lamb meat usually last for two days when stored properly, whereas chops and roasts last longer, say three to five days.


Thawing Lamb

So now you’re ready to cook your lamb, you pull it out of the freezer and it’s frozen as hard as ice itself so you’re going to need to thaw it. There are actually different ways of thawing lamb meat, and most of these are recommended as they are much safer than other thawing methods.

For one, you can thaw frozen lamb meat in the refrigerator, and when you do so, you can refroze the lamb meat before or after cooking. Take note though that the quality of the meat will be affected since there will be moisture loss in the process.

You can also thaw frozen lamb meat in cold water. When you choose to do so, leave the frozen lamb in its original packaging, but you’ll need to make sure that it is air tight. If you’re not sure, you can transfer it to a leak-proof bag or a zip lock bag. Submerge the whole thing in cold water, replacing the water every thirty minutes or so until the lamb meat has thawed completely.

For more information about our range of quality meats products, you can get in touch with us through our telephone line (02) 9826 6122. You can also leave a message in our contact page and we’ll be sure to get back to you real quick.