A Leg of Lamb Can Be Prepared In Many Ways

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The leg of lamb is one of the most distinct cuts of meat that you could ever find. It includes a thick and rich texture that fits in perfectly with vegetables. But one of the most popular parts of this meat is that it can be prepared in various forms.

Roasting Is Important

You can get this meat from an Italian butchery roasted to perfection. But it might be even better when you slow roast it. This entails allowing the meat to be heated up in an oven at a lower temperature for hours at a time. This allows the lamb meat to stay rich and tender while also taking in any juices or sauces you add onto it.

Prepare With Great Gravy

You can use various types of gravy when preparing your leg of lamb. A good idea is to cook the leg while in a gravy coating featuring rosemary, garlic or other natural herbs. This allows the lamb to be coated and infused with the fine gravy, thus adding a new flavor you are bound to love.

Prepare It On the Bone

A great part of experiencing this cut from an Italian butchery involves noticing how the meat falls off of the bone cleanly and perfectly. It is best to prepare this part of the lamb on the bone to get that experience. Even more importantly, cooking it on the bone ensures you will not tamper with the quality or build of the meat before it is served, thus ensuring what you are preparing is made well.

You will be impressed with the many ways how you can get the leg of lamb prepared for your next dinner event. Check with Campisi Butchery to learn more about how you can get this important cut of meat to work for any occasion you want to enjoy.

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A Free Range Butcher Must Work Without Artificial Compounds

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When ordering meats from a free range butcher, you have to see that such a dealer is using only the finest meats that are prepared without any chemicals or other artificial compounds. The key is to have meats that are organic and fresh. That is, those meats would have grown and developed naturally. Besides, many of the artificial items used by some butchers might actually be dangerous and keep the quality of meat being produced from being all that great.

No Antibiotics Used

Antibiotics can not only kill off harmful bacteria in an animal but also the healthy bacteria that regulate its digestive functions. This in turn keeps the meat from developing properly. A butcher should be working with meat wholesalers that will not use these chemical treatments on their animals.

No Hormones Added

Some wholesalers add hormones to their animals’ diets. These are added with the belief that they will help animals to grow and therefore produce more meat. But those hormones might actually strain the meat and keep it from developing well enough. Therefore, a free ranger butcher should avoid dealing with groups that use these hormone treatments.

No Genetically Modified Feed

Many forms of animal feed are genetically modified to have them utilize more nutrients. They might be engineered to make animals grow faster as they contain more calories, fiber, or other vital components. But some of these genetically altered feeds might cause more stress onto an animal’s body, thus making it harder for the meat to develop well. The best meat wholesalers always ensure that no dangerous and potentially unhealthy feeds are used.

A free range butcher will always plan one’s meats with care and with only the safest and best organic compounds. See what Campisi Butchery can do when producing only the finest and safest to consume meats that you can enjoy.

Cured Meats Come In Many Forms

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People love cured meats for how they are easy to prepare and serve. They are great on their own or when placed on sandwiches. The assorted variety of these meats you could find today includes many options that fit everyone’s taste.

Traditional Sausage Forms

Many cured meats are made with sausage layouts. The cervelat is popular for mixing bacon, beef and pork sausages. The chorizo entails fatty pork that is coarsely ground.

Summer Sausage Is a Hit

Summer sausage is one of the more appealing meats to get from an Italian butchery. This features pork and beef sausage made with garlic and mustard. This is fermented while cured to add a more detailed flavor.

Bologna Works Well

Bologna is a good meat that is cured with garlic among other spices. This contains pork or beef ground into a sausage which is then smoked. This produces a fine flavor that fits perfectly on a sandwich.

Mixes Work Well

Some cured meats are made with carefully prepared mixes. Zungenwurst is a good option to use. It is a blood sausage that is aired with pig or beef tongue bits in the middle. Head cheese is also noteworthy for feature pig head meat with garlic mixed into a gelatin loaf.

Liverwurst Is Popular

Liverwurst is another cured item to find. This is a sausage made with bacon and pork liver. It can be ground up and spread onto various surfaces.

Ham Can Be Cured Too

Don’t forget to look at how well ham can be cured. It could be prepared in coppa when it is dried and rubbed with spices. Culatello is also great to have if you can find a boneless cut of ham. Jamon Iberico is also great for coming in slim strips and for being aged for a while. It takes about two years for that kind of cured ham product to be made ready though.

Check out all of these cured meats if you are looking for something attractive to serve at a special event. Contact Campisi Butchery to see what you can order today.

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What Makes Venison One of the Best Gourmet Meats Around?



Venison is a very popular meat to check out when you are looking for fine gourmet options. It entails any kind of meat that may come from the deer. It is very versatile as it can be served on a party tray or be prepared for a sandwich. But what is it about venison that makes it so popular?

A Leaner Option

Venison is popular for how it offers a leaner body. It has a composition nearly identical to that of traditional beef. However, it is leaner than beef. It contains only about 2 to 5 percent fat before it is cooked. This still comes with about 20 percent of its body consisting of protein, thus adding an outstanding layout.

A Little Tougher

This meat is also known for being tougher than other gourmet meats. The meat does well when it is slow cooked as it often takes a bit of time for the meat to be cooked up right and prepared well enough.

Mixes In Well With Other Meats

Vension can also go with other meats if desired. For instance, the meat could be served whole with a bacon-wrapped layout. This adds a nice border while adding a more detailed flavor. You could also mix it with other gourmet meats on a party tray like dried salami. This works best if the meat has been drained.

Works Well With Extended Draining Process

It takes an extra bit of time for this meat to drain. It has a greater water content than many other meats. This means it takes more for the meat to dry out. But when prepared naturally and with a mild bit of heat, it becomes easier for the meat to be ready to serve. It is especially easy to trim off any excess fat deposits along the meat if handled properly enough.

Venison is an exciting meat to look for when finding something fancy for any special event. Check out Campisi Butchery to see how well this can be prepared for your desires.

An Organic Butcher Sydney Must Work With Many Standards For Its Meats

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Organic meats are among the best ones for butchers in Sydney to provide to customers. But several standards have to be met for an organic butcher Sydney to work with meats that can actually be considered organic. These standards ensure that a meat is truly made with care.


No Chemicals Involved

An organic butcher Sydney diners can enjoy must take care of its meats without the use of any harmful chemicals. These include pesticides used on farms where animals are raised or antibiotics that are often used when feeding animals. The key is to allow animals to grow and thrive on their own.


Free Range Support

Quality meats are often prepared on free range farms. This means that animals being raised for meats are kept outside of cages and in larger farm fields where they can grow and thrive. This produces meats that are easier to enjoy and use.


Preparations Are Handled Naturally

The processes a butcher uses for packaging and preparing meats should be supported without any additives. The problem with many chemical additives is that they can impact the quality of one’s meat. By using natural salt and other organic compounds, it becomes easier for meats to be preserved and packaged without adding any chemicals or otherwise negatively impacting the meat.


No Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is often used by butchers to help with producing better animals. This could be dangerous though as the quality of the meats in such animals might be suspect. Those animals might not grow as well as they should. An organic butcher will always work with strict standards where one does not accept anything that has been genetically engineered. Besides, it is often easier to work around quality meats that has been organically produced.

The rules for an organic butcher Sydney residents may contact are important to see with regards to getting quality meats prepared. By using such rules, it becomes easier for a butcher to offer only the finest meats to people around the city.

The Importance of Free Range Meats From Meat Wholesalers

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Free range meats have become very popular in recent time. This is thanks to how well meat wholesalers are working to produce the best environments for their animals to be raised in.

A free range meat comes from an animal that has been raised in an open environment. That is, the animal will have been allowed to roam openly and will not have been kept in a cage or other tight quarter while it is raised. The animal will not be subjected to difficult conditions and will only be handled by a farm during the feeding process. These points allow a free range butcher to prepare only the finest possible meats off of these animals.

The benefits of free range meats make them popular for butchers and meat wholesalers to use. These points relating to such meats include the following:

  • By allowing an animal to be raised in an open space, that animal will not suffer from an intense amount of pressure. The animal will be allowed to develop properly, thus producing better meats that are healthier and will not come apart easily. The total yield may also increase.
  • It is easier for free range animals to have organic diets. They will focus more on natural feed and grasses for their diets and will not be treated with pesticides or antibiotics.
  • The risk of a free range animal developing serious bacterial issues or other illnesses will be reduced when it is left to be in an open space.
  • A free range animal will also be more likely to produce additional animals that can be harvested for meats. As animals are able to roam around, females are more likely to give birth to healthy babies that can be raised for meats well into the future.

A free range butcher can help you with getting the best quality meats you could ask for. Be sure to see how well these meats are produced and that they are suitable for all your demands as you contact meat wholesalers to see what is available.

Free range butcher: 3 Amazing Benefits of Free Range Chicken

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Should you consider switching to a free range butcher? That actually depends on whether things like high nutrition value and responsible farming methods mean anything to you. Let’s have a look at a few benefits of buying free range meats.

  1. More Nutrition – There are proven health benefits of eating meats and chicken purchased from a trusted free range butcher over an ordinary one. Recent studies have shown that free-range meats have almost 50% more good fats, especially omega 3’s, than traditionally raised animals.
    Moreover, the overall fat in grass fed animals is lower than in conventionally raised animals. Animals living in unhygienic conditions often run the risk of catching infections. On the other hand, free range animals are free from antibiotics, pesticides and artificial hormones, and thus, are a healthier option.
  1. Healthier Animals: When you choose a free range butcher to buy your meat and chicken portion, you’re ensuring the well being of animals. They are not given any artificial hormones or antibiotics. Moreover, organic feed, grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and genetically modified products, is given to free range animals.
    Consuming traditionally raised chicken and meat can cause antibiotic resistance and a number of other health ailments in humans. Make sure that you shop at a trusted free range butcher in Sydney like Campisi Butchery for maximum health benefits.
  1. Better Taste: People who have tasted free range chicken have admitted that it tastes far better than conventional chicken portions. The reason may be the better quality feed and a healthier treatment given to free-range animals. Chicken portions derived from free-range birds tend to be more delicious and juicier than conventionally raised chickens.


Since free range animals lead a healthier everyday life and consume more nutritious diet, they have usually more muscle mass and that results in superior texture and a better flavour.

At Campisi Butchery, we really care about the health of our animals. So, we make sure that we procure our animals from highly reliable sources. For more information, get in touch with our expert butchers at Campisi Butchery today!


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Butcher Sydney: 4 Things You Should Know About Buying a Leg of Lamb

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Leg of lamb is probably the most versatile and delicious cut of meat you can find at any butcher in Sydney. Though lamb meat is certainly not the cheapest, leg of lamb can provide you a great value for money. Besides being the largest cut, it consists of a number of different bones and muscles that give it a unique taste and an unrivalled versatility.

For instance, some of its parts like ‘round’ and ‘lean’ can be cooked quickly and served right-away. On the other hand, there are parts such as shank that taste better when cooked over a prolonged time because of the presence of collagen in connective tissues.

If you’re looking to enjoy leg of lamb, Campisi Butchery is the best butcher in Sydney to get the highest quality meats without burning a hole in your pocket.  Let’s have a look at some of the factors you should keep in mind:

  1. Always choose a properly dressed leg of lamb without any unnecessary parts like hip bone and tail attached to it.
  1. If you go for a bone-in leg of lamb, you have two options to choose from – sirloin-end and shank-end. If you’re familiar with the cuts of lamb, you may know that the sirloin-end leg of lamb would consist of the portion from its hip to the knee while shank-end leg starts from its ankle and ends at the calf bone.
  1. For people who prefer more convenience, bone-less leg of lamb is a good option. You can easily lift it and put it into the oven as it is lighter than the bone-in lamb. Secondly, you can determine the quantity you need for your party more accurately with bone-less option. Thirdly, you can easily cut it into pieces of any shape and size.
  1. Know the difference between lamb and mutton. A goat or sheep above one year of age is usually referred to as mutton. Leg of mutton is significantly heavier, tougher and less flavourful than the leg of lamb.


For more tips, visit Campisi Butchery weekly – the most trusted butcher in Sydney today!


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What Is a Salumi Plate?

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Many people mistake salumi plate for a salami platter, thinking that it must be a typo or something. This is why some restaurants often change its name on their menu to avoid confusion. But what exactly is a salumi plate?


Salumi Defined

The term salumi refers to Italian-style cured or preserved meats and in ways synonymous to the famous French charchuterie. As such, a salumi plate is basically a platter of different kinds of preserved meats, often sold and served as appetizers in restaurants. These meats can either be salt-cured, smoked or even fermented.

In most cases, these would be made from pork. However, they can also be made from other types of meat like beef, lamb and others. In most restaurants, a salumi plate would include different types of cured or preserved meat in the platter. There are restaurants though that would serve only one particular type of meat, like a pork salumi plate for instance.

As mentioned earlier, people tend to think of a salumi plate as mispelled salami platter. Technically speaking though, a salami is a type of salumi since a salami is basically a type of cured meat. So don’t be surprised when you see salami on that salumi plate you ordered.


Make Your Own Salumi Plate at Home

In many cases, you can make your own delectable and delicious salumi plate right at your own home. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a restaurant just to get a taste of this sumptuous dish. Well, not unless you really want to or would like to see and taste how those classy chefs serve them.

The ingredients for a satisfying salumi plate are easy to acquire as well. Just go to your favorite butcher shop in Sydney and grab your choice of cured meats. Grab some prosciutto along with some culatello, plus other kinds of cured meat that you fancy, and you’re good to go. Some knife work and a pretty platter may also be required for presentation if you’re into that.

Now, if you are looking for a butcher shop in Sydney that sells great tasting, high quality cured and preserved meats for your salumi plate, please don’t hesitate to drop by our shop. We have a wide range of cured and preserved meats you can choose from. We are located at Fifteenth Ave., West Hoxton NSW. We are open from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm on Mondays thru Fridays and from 7 am – 1 pm on Saturdays.

To learn more about our range of meat products, do get in touch with us. You can call us up through our telephone line at (02) 9826 6122. You can also leave a message in our contact page.


Meat Wholesalers: Save Money when Buying Meat

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When visiting groceries or butcher shops, shoppers usually see whole dressed chicken sold alongside smaller chicken portions. Buying the smaller portions of course can be more convenient and may seem practical. However, what many don’t realize is that it’s more practical to buy the whole chicken (or the whole pig or any other animal) than buying the cut out portions. Why so?


More Portions, More Flavour

Buying whole animals from meat wholesalers and butcher shops has a great advantage. That is, you are able to keep those parts which aren’t usually included in pre-packaged retail meat. This includes the bones and the fat, which are usually trimmed off from the meat.

Now, you may ask why you would want to keep these if the butchers themselves discard them. One reason: flavour—yes, using the bone (and marrow) and fat can make most dishes more flavourful. You can also use them in making soups and stocks, something which many cooks actually do. Many restaurants that buy wholesale meat from meat wholesalers usually make their soup stocks using these ‘unwanted’ portions.


Buying Small Animals Wholesale

Poultry products like chicken, quail, turkey and others can be bought whole from butcher shops and meat wholesalers. The same is true for small animals like rabbits. These can be bought home in a bag and be butchered and cut to smaller portions at home. It doesn’t even require advanced slaughtering and butchering skills to do so. If you’re really interested, you can go online and watch videos on techniques on how to properly do this.


Buying Bigger Animals Wholesale

Bigger animals though like cattle, pig, sheep and others may require a different approach. If, for example, you are having a large roasting party, you can buy the whole animal from meat wholesalers and butcher shops. If you have the right tools and are pretty handy with knives, you can do the butchering yourself at home. However, you can also ask them to butcher them for you, though additional fees may be included in your purchase.

Also, bigger animals like those mentioned above are also sold in parts at wholesale prices. They can be bought in half and even quarter carcasses. You can then cut these down into smaller portions and freeze them for a later time. Keep in mind though that not all meat wholesalers and butcher shops sell them this way. Thus, you’ll want to ask them first if they do before putting your money down.

So the next time you’re out shopping for meat, do consider purchasing wholesale or whole meat. In most case, you’ll get more bang for your buck by doing so.


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