Butchers Sydney – Your Guide to Delicious, Budget-Friendly Quality Meats

Campisi Gourmet Italian Butcher


So, you’ve finally realized how trusted butchers in Sydney can elevate your culinary experience to a whole new level with their unmatched quality meats. However, shopping at well established butchers and meat wholesalers in Sydney can be overwhelming for some people because of the extensive range of meats you can find at such renowned places.

Contrary to supermarkets, where you can find just usual cuts like tenderloin, rib eye or pork rib chops, butchers stock almost every part of the animals. And most of these parts are available at dirt cheap prices but taste twice as good as your regular familiar cuts.

The thing is butchers know the art creatively breaking down the animal. So, you’ll come across cuts that you might have never seen before. Experienced butchers in Sydney put some serious time and effort in dissecting the animals in order to provide maximum versatility to their customers who know how to buy quality meats.

Of course, all great butchers stock popular cuts too but if you let them know your needs they can direct you towards cheaper, tastier cuts which can be cooked with the similar recipes. Trustworthy butchers in Sydney such as Campisi butchery are experienced friendly people who love helping their customers to find the best products for their taste. Let’s have a look at some rare cheaper cuts.

  1. Sirloin steak: This cheap substitute for beef tenderloin tastes just like its expensive counterpart if not better. Extracted from the rear back of the animal, Sirloin steak is lean, mild and tender. It can be prepared in the same way as tenderloin. If you’re not that fond of strong tasting pastured beef, Sirloin steak is a better (and a much cheaper) option for you.
  1. Chuck (7-bone steak): Beef chuck cuts can replace the prized cut Rib Eye any day. You may have already tasted chuck because it is used extensively in its ground form in a number of food products, such as burgers. However, if you use this part to make steak, it tastes almost similar to the Rib Eye. It does contain some bones but that actually makes it more interesting.
  1. Lamb Shoulder Chop (Blade Chop): Who doesn’t love lamb rib chops? But what can put most people off is their exorbitant price tag. This is where blade chops come into the picture. This little known shoulder chop is incredibly flavourful and very tender and can be enjoyed at a fraction of price of expensive lamb rib chops.


At Campisi Butchery, we are some of the most experienced butchers in Sydney known for our high quality meats. For the most comprehensive selection of free range meats in Sydney, visit Campisi Butchery today!

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