A Free Range Butcher Must Work Without Artificial Compounds

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When ordering meats from a free range butcher, you have to see that such a dealer is using only the finest meats that are prepared without any chemicals or other artificial compounds. The key is to have meats that are organic and fresh. That is, those meats would have grown and developed naturally. Besides, many of the artificial items used by some butchers might actually be dangerous and keep the quality of meat being produced from being all that great.

No Antibiotics Used

Antibiotics can not only kill off harmful bacteria in an animal but also the healthy bacteria that regulate its digestive functions. This in turn keeps the meat from developing properly. A butcher should be working with meat wholesalers that will not use these chemical treatments on their animals.

No Hormones Added

Some wholesalers add hormones to their animals’ diets. These are added with the belief that they will help animals to grow and therefore produce more meat. But those hormones might actually strain the meat and keep it from developing well enough. Therefore, a free ranger butcher should avoid dealing with groups that use these hormone treatments.

No Genetically Modified Feed

Many forms of animal feed are genetically modified to have them utilize more nutrients. They might be engineered to make animals grow faster as they contain more calories, fiber, or other vital components. But some of these genetically altered feeds might cause more stress onto an animal’s body, thus making it harder for the meat to develop well. The best meat wholesalers always ensure that no dangerous and potentially unhealthy feeds are used.

A free range butcher will always plan one’s meats with care and with only the safest and best organic compounds. See what Campisi Butchery can do when producing only the finest and safest to consume meats that you can enjoy.

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