5 Tips to Keep Your Meat Safe for Cooking

pot roast veal


So, it’s a weekend, or you have a bunch of people coming over. You have decided to make pot roast veal. The dish is absolutely delicious, but unless the meat is perfect, it won’t be as satisfactory.

How can you get the best kind of meat? This is an interesting question. Most of us do not really think about how to store the meat or get the right kind, because we just prefer to load our bags with our favourite cuts and call it a day. However, you should pay a little more attention to what you are picking up from your local butcher shop- follow these tips, and you will definitely be able to identify the change in the flavour.

So, here are some tips on how to purchase the right meat from a free range butcher shop, and prepare it properly, from Campisi Butchery – the best butcher shop in town.


  1. Make sure you are buying the right kind of meat. Different cuts have different flavours, and are meant for different dishes. If you are not sure exactly what kind of meat you should be getting, you can get in touch with the butcher shop, and we will be able to help you out.
  1. Purchase the right amount of meat, so that there is not a lot of it left over once you’re done cooking.
  1. Do not cut the meat before it is time for you to prepare it. It will definitely lose its taste if you cut it beforehand.
  1. Check if the meat is vacuum-packed- if it is, you can let it stay unopened for a long time.
  1. Pay attention to the best before date and storage instructions given by the butcher- these instructions do matter, a lot.


Let us know what other tips do you follow to make sure the meat you purchased is purchased and prepared well?  For highest quality meat products, visit Campisi Butchery and speak to our friendly butcher today.

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